10 Tips for Marketing Offline With Print Media

If you’ve been marketing yourself on the Internet and want to learn more about how print media can help you, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you’re going to learn about some of the things that can powerfully multiply your marketing efforts. To begin, you will first learn how your power is multiplied. After that, you’ll learn the importance of using direct response marketing instead of brand building marketing. Then, you will learn how to leverage your off-line print materials to make more online sales. So read on to discover how you can get the most out of print media by adding it to your arsenal of marketing tactics.

Your Power Gets Multiplied

The first thing you need to know is that offline marketing multiplies the power of your online marketing. Specifically, when designed correctly, it should work hand-in-hand with your online efforts. Try to stay away from traditional brand building and think more in terms of direct response. You want to get people taking action. It is also important to take note that many advertising representatives are really sales people whose job it is to get you to buy more. Remember, you only need to buy as much as is necessary to get a direct response.

Think Direct Response

Now that we’re talking about direct response, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. First of all, remember that it is more important for you to get a direct response than to build your image and brand. Many sales representatives know how to play to your ego and pride. The types of advertising that boost your self image and pride will end up costing you much more than they return. This is why you should stick to direct response marketing even when you’re marketing offline.

Consider Direct Mail

One of the first options available to you is direct mail. If you use squeeze pages or sales letters, you can reuse much of the same message in a direct mail piece. This saves you from having to pay a copywriter to produce a new message. Remember, you can test your marketing materials on just a handful of people on a mailing list. You should always test before you pay large amounts of money to send out many pieces of mail. After the testing phase, you will know what percentage of people will respond to your direct mail letters.
Then, you can “roll out” the package and know it will bring you a substantial return on investment.

Try Door To Door

Another one of the options that you can consider is going door to door and leaving information behind. This may be an unpopular technique with most people, but the key to successfully marketing yourself is getting exposure and the more your brand is seen, the more likely it is to be recognised. Be sure to make your print media colourful, attractive and uninvasive, in order to ensure you don’t inconvenience people with your information.

Consider Retail Areas

Another idea is leaving print media in areas with high traffic. Do you know of some friendly neighbourhood shops in your area? They may be willing to put up a poster or tolerate a display of business cards at their counter – it doesn’t hurt to ask. This effectively gets your message out to people, and they may be more receptive to your marketing ploy as they’re out and about and willing to engage.

Try Public Venues

There are other places that people regularly frequent that you can use to get your message out. Public places like libraries and post offices are notorious for their message boards and public forums, so take a look around your neighbourhood for areas to advertise. Putting a poster up will ensure that hundreds of people get exposed to your message daily.

Hand Out Flyers At Gatherings

Is there a large gathering happening in your neighbourhood any time soon? Gatherings are a great opportunity to hand out flyer printing and ensure that a large concentration of people get exposed to your message in one shot. Concerts, rallies and conventions are great places to give it a try. Additionally, you can also set up poster boards to ensure more solid receptacles of information.

Get Business Cards

Business cards are small, easy to transport and great for leaving just about everywhere. Ensure that you have a large batch with you at all times so you can hand your message out. People are also much more likely to carry a business card around with them, as the small size is so convenient. Handing it out when someone asks what you do is a great way to look professional and impress potential clients.

Include a Printed Newsletter

Another useful item to include in printed material is a newsletter. If you blog, then you already know how to write a newsletter. A newsletter is essentially the same thing as blogging only in print. You want to give your readers updated information or newsworthy material. You can also include newsworthy material about what you are doing and what products may be offering in the future. The fact that it is printed on paper makes it seem more official. So they are more likely to want to go to your website and check out what you’re doing. And that brings us to the next item.

Send Them to Your List

You should always be directing them back to your website in your printed materials. If you have not started building a list of e-mail addresses, then now would be the time. If you have them both on a snail-mailing list and an online mailing list, then you continually bounce them back and forth between your marketing messages.

This is where you gain significant power. As you know, many people have to hear the same message seven times before they ever pay attention. So if they are receiving your offline materials, direct them to a page where they can sign up for your e-mail list.

And there you have it. These are the top ten tips that any online marketer or blogger can use to leverage the most power from offline printed materials. Be sure to print this out and read this list as often as you need. When you commit this information to memory, you will be able to get the greatest return from your offline marketing dollars.

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