20 jquery Plugin for Responsive Design

Before we get into the plug-ins available for a responsive web design (RWD), let’s see what RWD is. Responsive web design is a design methodology where the website is optimized for the best viewing experience. There are a lot of tools that can be used for a responsive design and among them CSS and jQuery are the most popular methods. Here, we are going to look into 20 jQuery plug-ins that can be used for a responsive web design.


If designing a website without any distractions is your idea, then Allofthelights.js is your best bet. If you have a picture or an image imbedded in your site, you can use this plug-in and the visitor can toggle a button to make the site go dark, leaving the image or the video intact.


This plug-in helps you format all the elements on your site to a standard size, making the page aesthetically pleasing. equalize.js can be downloaded from


If you are looking to create 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional slideshows, Adaptor can come as a great tool. The transmissions are great and it offers support for WebKit.


This is a great tool to create drop down menus with images and description.

jQuery Vector Maps

If you want to render the world map in a vector based system, then this is a handy tool. The map can be used to show visitor hits and other information

jQuery Complexify

This is a plug-in that can be used to assess the user’s password strength


If you want simple customizations to style tables created with HTML, then tablecloth.js is an ideal plug-in.


This is a plug-in that will help you span the navigation menu to fit the container’s width and when the menu is longer, it automatically wraps down.


This is a sticky sidebar plug-in that is compatible with almost every major web browser available.


This plug-in helps you to proportionately fit a video to your website.


If you want to truncate text while formatting text boxes on your site


This is a tool that will help you validate HTML tool tips.

Socialist Social Media Plugin

Socialist Social Media Plugin is a really great tool to embed your social media streams on your website


If you want to simulate the tilt shift lens effects on your image, this is a great tool. It uses CSS filters


This is a plug-in that allows you to create HTML maps without using Flash


This is a tool that will allow you to create content that flows like a booklet


gridster.js allows you to create dynamic layouts that can be dragged into multiple columns.


Fresco is basically a light box plug-in

jQuery Picture

This is a tool that helps you add responsive images with custom data.

iView Slider

This is a slideshow creator and can also be used to create image galleries and banners. iView Slider can be downloaded from

These are some of the plug-ins that can be used for responsive web design.

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