40 Best Pinterest Boards for Designers

Pinterest boards provide a convenient and visual way for users to see, repin and comment on other users collections and pins and the pleasure of doing this is what makes Pinterest so viral. For designers, it offers them an opportunity to get a glimpse of each other’s work, post comments and search the collections of other members. This makes it very convenient to look for inspiration for the next design work, get feedback etc. Here are some of the best Pinterest boards to follow if you want to get a regular dose of design, typography, photography, and illustration.

Art by Paula Cevasco

Maia McDonald

Illustration by Lisa Welding

Nick Karn

Logolicious by Mike Jones

Julie Matthews Martin

Logos by Dan Otis

Marine Loiseau

Design Inspiration: Logos by Colourlovers

Premier Reg’art

Logo / Identity Design by Thiago Hapner

Jennifer Chong’s photography

Web deveopment and more by Paula Cevasco

Madeline Tompkins’s typography board

Web Design

Dani Who

Web Design by Gav

Marc Loresto’s board

Web by Julieta Pisani

Chad Syme

Web Design by Matt Pringle

Joy Cho

Web Design by Sasha Firs

Leah Dent

UI by Sasha Firs

Jennifer Chong

Web design by Paula Cevasco

Chad Syme

Illustration by Chad Sayme

Best of Pinterest Photographers

Illustrations by Gábor Magasvári

Joy Cho

Illustration by Hrvoje Grubisic

Art, Illustration

Business Cards by Dan Otis

Design and Packaging by Ophelia Quixote

Graphic Design and Typography by Brandon Leslie

Vintage Typography by Hrvoje Grubisic

Typography by Maria Hidalgo

Typography by Niki Blaker

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