40 Best Themes for WordPress News

WordPress is one of the finest sites for blogs, news or even online magazines. There are a lot of different themes that can be used while designing the layouts for the pages. Here, we will explore the different themes such that we can have an idea about the best themes and layouts that can be used. Below are the Best Themes for WordPress News list:

Da Vinci magazine style WordPress theme

wordPress news

It is an extremely trendy theme that has been nicely designed. The different details can be viewed with ease. It has the right mix of professional touch and creative brush as well.

Lucid responsive theme

wordpress news

This theme is customizable depending upon the device with which you are accessing it. It has a clean look and is good for those people and company who want to adjust to the demands of their users.

Ratius theme

wordpress news

It is bright, vivacious and at the same time displays the right code of professional touch as well. It is loaded with a lot of features and projects a good image. It falls into an evergreen category as people of all age group would like this theme.

Yamidoo magazine style theme

wordpress news

This theme is responsive and thus can be viewed even in mobile browsers. It has a clean look and supports videos as well. The design of the page is suited for viewing of a lot of different news.

Pissmo creative theme

wordpress news

This theme provides four different layouts from which the users can customize depending upon their choice. It is suited for mobile viewing as well. You would have the privilege to incorporate a lot of changes.

Axiom dark theme

It is one of the most stylish themes that can be used for both professional look as well as personal blogs. It is best suited for beginners who find it hard to make major modifications to the themes.

Paula magazine style theme

It is based on the WordPress 3.0 version and has 10 different presets. The logos can be easily replaced and thus you can give your page your own touch and personalize it the way you want. It is based on the superb gantry framework.

Sahifa WordPress theme

wordpress news

It is based on HTML5 and CSS design. It has a lot of different options and features like background loader, unlimited sidebar, jquery effects, customizable widgets and various other facilities as well. It is best suited for people who want feature packed pages.

Leviathan WordPress magazine style

wordpress news

This theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The theme does not require any assistance whatsoever and it is extremely easy to use. It is clean, simple and exudes the perfect professional touch.

Resportsive sports magazine theme

wordpress news

It is loaded with amazing features and is optimized for seo. The graphics and designing is extremely cool and attracts viewers. The logos and other details can be customized with ease.

WP clear theme

wordpress news

There are lots of widgets in this theme which can be customized for work. The theme has a plain outlook and you can get the professional touch with this theme. The layout is clean and crisp and has easy navigation.

Aggregate theme

wordpress news

This theme is packed with various customizable widgets. The designing is good for professional work and has lots of space for filling contents.

Elemin theme

This theme is good for those news sites where minimal graphics is required. It uses modern technology elements and is graceful and elegant at the same time.

Magnificent theme

There are four different columns that can be used. Along with it, there are five other widget areas that can be customized for use as well.

Oracle theme

It is one of the finest news themes and gives you a lot of control ranging from the colors that you want and the background as well. It is not clustered and apt for news details.

eNews theme design

It is the perfect layout for arranging a lot of news on one template. It has a very clear design and has the professional touch as well.

LetPress theme design

There are a lot of features which this theme has. You should explore the features and customize them to get the best out of this advanced theme.

WideZine theme

It is an extremely clean them with minimal graphics. The layout is brilliant and you can use it for blogs, news or even personal purpose as well.

Repro theme

It provides the best black canvas theme which looks royal. You can customize your own new content and display it the way you want for your site.


This theme gives you a lot of control as you can choose 1, 2 or even 3 column layouts. It has sliders and other customizable options as well.


It is a simple theme but it comes with an elegant touch. This theme is ideal for people who want an easy to use interface that make a good solid impression.

Nuke theme

It comes loaded with blog templates that can be customized as well. It is one of the finest news themes which can display the content in the best manner.


This theme can be customized for use. However, if you do not want to change the options, it can be used as it is and is an excellent interface.


This theme focuses on typography. It loads extremely fast and is friendly for reading as well. It does not contain a lot of images and is based for text designs.

London Live theme

It is one of the best layouts as there are different options from which you can make your selection. You can design the site the way you want as there are various customization options.

Fresh News theme

It is one of the best designs for news related sites. You can customize the options and change the looks, style and fonts as well.

Daily edition theme

It has a clean layout. There are different JavaScript options which can be either enabled or disabled. The theme also supports video players as well.

Voyage theme

There are a lot of built in features and various customization options as well. The theme is power packed with amazing graphics and is an excellent choice for new website.

Blogging stream design

This theme is suited for both news and personal blogs as well. There are video players and scroll bars as well. The theme has a lot of useful features and makes a powerful design.


This theme contains a lot of widgets and these widgets can be customized as per your needs. Thus, this theme is best for those who want to personalize their space.

Sensational responsive themes

This theme provides a lot of different options. You can change the colors as per your needs. You can change fine details as per your own preferences and get the best out of it.

Lysa theme

This theme has two different columns for layouts. The theme is simple and can be used efficiently for blogging purpose as well.

Grid theme

It is an extremely dynamic theme and gas scope for a lot of graphics and images. It makes an extremely interactive interface and can attract viewers.

Linedy theme

It is an extremely popular theme and is trendy. The designs and styles are attractive and make for a wonderful site. There are a lot of customization options as well.

Sucha theme

There are eight different color schemes and you can choose between the two and the three column layouts as well. This theme is gaining in popularity extensively and is packed with loads of features as well.

Realm theme

This theme is versatile because it can be used for different genres. It has various features and is packed with lot of customizing options. It also comes with the feature of post thumbnails as well.

SolidMag theme

This theme is loaded with a lot of visual graphics. The graphics are engaging and there are various other enriching functions as well. It can feature a lot of content simultaneously.


This blog is known to boost traffic to the website. It has a lot of helpful features and has an amazing interface. It is extremely popular and is an advanced theme with a wide variety of functions and features.

Abtely design themes

This theme loads extremely fast and has minimalistic design. The theme design is superb and attracts a lot of viewers. The news can be arranged in an elegant and clean manner and thus projects a neat picture.

ColorWay theme design

Those who are particular about the designs of their themes, this is the perfect theme to seek help. This site offers plenty of options for customization and you can thus change logos, backgrounds and even the header and footer details. Thus, this theme is in profound use because of the amazing features and functionalities that come with this design.
Thus, these were some of the finest layouts that can be used for making your free website at WordPress.

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