Best jQuery Plugins in January 2011

Because day to day Jquery plugin keeps growing and growing in popularity. Beginning this today,  will publish articles best of jquery plugin every month. This makes it difficult to choose and decide. We make a conscious effort to choose from a variety of types, and those that are useful for web designers and that has some wow factor. Here are our picks for the Best jQuery Plugins in January 2011.

Zoomy – jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

Zoomy is a quick and easy jquery plugin that will zoom into a picture. Zoomy is easy to implement and customize. There are a few options that allow you to change the appearance and usability of Zoomy.

jQuery.validVal – jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

jQuery.validVal is a plugin designed to simplify form validation. It is highly customizable, very feature rich and can easily be dropped on any type of HTML-form (even AJAX- and HTML5-forms) with very little effort.

jRating- jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

jRating is a very flexible jQuery plugin for quickly creating an Ajaxed star rating system. It is possible to configure every detail from” the number of the stars” to “if the stars can represent decimals or not”.

Activity Indicator

jquery plugin

NETEYE Activity Indicator is a jQuery plugin for creating and displaying flexible activity indicators when needed.
The plugin doesn’t require any images as it makes use of SVG or VML.


jquery plugin

jNotify can display information boxes in just one line of code. Three kind of boxes are allowed : information, success and failure. The whole box is entirely skinnable with css. For example, you could use it for a mail being successfully sent or a validation error of a form.

That is best jquery plugin on january 2011

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7 Responses to “Best jQuery Plugins in January 2011”

  1. You forgot about qrTip – a jQuery plugin to display QR codes for links 🙂

  2. jNotify? Why won’t we use JQuery UI dialog instead?

  3. @Konstantin thank you for your info , i will update
    @irfanr jNotify just for alternative if dont; use jQuery UI dialog, but thank you for you question 🙂

  4. @irfanr
    Why load the whole jQuery UI library for only a notify?

    Nice roudup and thanks for sharing

  5. It´s realy amazing. 🙂

  6. @Ralph: you can choose which module of jQuery UI to include, you don’t have to include the whole library.

  7. Dull as dishwater, you are on page one of Google put some effort in!

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