7 habit to become a Great Java Developer

When I surf the Internet, I learned some valuable information from various sources, for me and for Java developers. Here are some tips that i get. I hope that these tips are valuable for any novice Java developer .

Write a lot of code
Good luck with it! Working with people with more experience than you, and learn from them. Register in open source project. Code review of a good way to learn. Do not be ashamed if you find a fix problems in code, have fun and look at the source code and improve their skills.

Buy a reference book
Buy the book references as Java 2 complete reference and save it on your desktop. Developers can use to view the sample code and how they work.

Learn to use the right tools.
What I mean is that they are not studying, not enough to survive and not become an expert user tool. Once you learn all the menu items and context menus, and if you learn the buttons, and then Google “tips and tricks for IDE.It really helps, and you can see the benefits in the coming days.

Learning Platform Java API.
There are some very well written and optimized performance in the classroom platform Java, around, along with some utility classes for them. Make sure that you have a good knowledge of all the features available on the platform before you write your own code. For example, there is no inverse () in the java.util.List interface. but it is a class library containing many useful methods that operate in the field of collecting, compiling a list, and provides backward () method.

Do you have a mentor
Acceding countries have one or more mentors, as soon as he hesitated can.Google can find information easier to find than before, but do not interact directly with an expert.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the language or platform.
If you break it, the basics of language based on object-oriented programming, threading, concurrency, and event-driven programming. This is a master of such terms as the rest of your career depends on this fund.

Programming Arts
The more you can work with a high level developers to learn more important things, the professor teaching computer science there. If you have time to join the open source and help in any way you can know and trust with their friends.

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