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Stay Branded

Despite being taught better by its mother, the internet always judges a book by its cover. It is as easy for a user to click away as it is for a user to click to your website. Real world consumers get more time to process irony or overlook questionable design choices in favor of intriguing […]

Online Logo Design Contest

All organizations mostly need a logo. There are many reasons why logo is considered important. First of all, all organizations need an emblem or a graphic design that symbolizes them. Secondly, a logo is necessary for branding. When they make advertisements or commercials, they have to make sure that their logo is printed on those […]

20 Responsive Design Tutorials

In the recent few years, the popularity of tablets and smartphones has simply gone up. This is basic reason why responsive web design has become an integral part in design industry. The responsive design helps the sites to fit in any device (tablet and smartphones) as per its resolution. The responsive design has three main […]

responsive design

10 Best Framework Responsive Design

Solid foundation is very important when starting with responsive design. The needs should be carefully considered since there are many design elements in a framework. There could easily be confusion between Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton or Zurb Foundation. The next most important step is to minify the style sheet or script with JavaScript and CSS. This […]

20 Tips SEO for Web Designers

Today’s web designers are not monotonous and stoic about their work. They are more creative and add a lot of imagination and feelings while designing a website. This automatically shifts the Optimization responsibilities on the designers. But the bad point is, not many designers understand the concept of search engine optimization. Hence they do not […]

17 Print Inspired Blog Designs

Web designers today are always experimenting with the intersections between traditional print techniques and the latest possibilities of digital design. Needless to say, the results encompass an enormous range of styles and approaches. The most successful are the ones that can reach that perfect balance between classic and cutting edge. Here are the 15 most […]