10 Crucial Features of Ideal Website Design

Before you actually hire a website designer, it is important for you to know the features of an ideal website design. If you are planning to launch your own website, chances are high that you are looking for professional website designers. 

Such a step will educate you and help you in choosing the perfect designer. Most importantly, it will help you to assess work of the designer, post submission of the project. In this article, we will discuss the features of a good web design in details. Read on


It is Unique

This is the first and most important criterion of a good website design. A good website design is always original and never copies from an already released design. This means that the designer you choose should be creative and interested in innovating new things. Most importantly, he should explore fresh boundaries for developing creative designs.

Using a design as an inspiration is perfectly fine. However, he should not copy it blindly. Consider the fact that if you incorporate designs that have already been published in your site, you can face plagiarism issues and even legal charges.

It is aesthetically appealing

A major purpose of a website design is to attract attention of the target customers and motivate them to explore other pages of the site. In general, it should be beautiful and appeal to the aesthetics. The aesthetics of a website design have several elements that include color, typography, and space. A good designer should use these elements carefully so that a stunning effect is created. Consider the fact that if a designer fails to use even a single element properly, the result won’t be stunning.

It is Simple

A great website design is simple. It is never complicated, which usually confuse visitors. It uses clean lines and fun colors, without being overpowering.

It Informs Visitors about Services/Products of the Company

One of the major purposes of the website designs is to inform visitors about the product or the services the company specializes in. Additionally, it informs them about the values that the company stands for. These values might include honesty, dedication and commitment. A good website design highlights these messages in a subtle way, without overwhelming the visitors. It uses messages in a clever way and ensures that the visitors never feel bored.

It is Timeless

A good website design has a timeless appeal. It may borrow some of its elements from latest trends, but it is never completely dependent on them. It always considers future trends and ensures that visitors love the overall experience. Use these strategies for evaluating a good web or banner design.

Site Speed

Site speed is one of the most important factor for website and you need to always keep it in mind while the design process is on and make decision according to that. Some of the key factors which influence site speed are:


  • Using CSS Sprite
  • Compressing image
  • Using External CSS
  • Minimal Use of JavaScript files


Call to Action

Making an attractive website is not enough.The site should have a clear motive for the visitor. There must be a message to the visitor what the next step whether to call or order online. If not define properly, a visitor might be confused and can leave the site. A businesses can gain a lot by designing a website with a proper call to action.


Technology and Trends

While designing the site,few questions need to be addressed first before you actually start to design. Few of the questions which you need to addressed like:

  • Are you going for responsive website or not
  • Are you implementing a single page website using parallax scrolling technique
  • Are you going to use flash for your site and if yes, then up to what extent you should use it

You need to answer this point before going for the actual design process.



Selecting the right color is very important for the website to make an impressive appeal to the visitor. You should also consider the country and region for which you are designing a website and you must know how to use various color symbol schemes.



Like color, using appropriate text is very important for a website. If you have very good content on the site but the text in which it is written is dull or not impressive the visitor will not be infulenced to read and will leave you site.


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Person name is a renowned designer who specializes in high quality web deign. He also offers innovative and creative banner design.

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