20 Amazing CSS Ajax Tables

Table is an important part in the development of the website.  Many web designers feel uncomfortable when faced with the style data tables.

Need to separate structural markup from presentation format as a table with CSS styling, so he can offer additional flexibility in how you present your table.

You can edit / change each side of a table cell separately. There are 20 fresh css ajax tables that will provide information to you some useful techniques for displaying information in tabular form

1. A CSS styled table

Veerle Duoh shows the use of tables for the data tables, as well as the implementation of accessibility and how to create a visually interesting by using CSS.

2. Sortable Table

In this table you can sort the numbers, strings, dates and currency and filters on columns. Support for Firefox 2 (Mac / PC), IE 7, IE 6, Safari (Mac).

3. Vertical scrolling tables

Table vertical displacement of the CSS style tables with fixed column headers and footers, and scrolling. If you have a lot of data in the table, but there is not much room for the screen, then this might be the answer.

4. Row Locking with CSS and JavaScript

Again, the CSS Guy technique known as “locking the record to confirm that the benefits will continue to users (Re-click or open), respectively.

5. Replicating a Tree table

The aim is to replicate the graphic table tree using HTML. This is a request from a member of Web Standards. Posted here in this case is useful for others.

6. Paginate, sort and search a table with Ajax and Rails

In this example, a dynamic interface, which does not need to reload the entire page when you change the table.

7. Collapsible tables with DOM and CSS

This script will add a picture to be enlarged so that the arrow at the bottom of the table and together.

8. Tablecloth

The tablecloth is lightweight, easy to use unobtrusive way to add style and behavior of HTML table elements. Coat naked, slender table and apply the style and behavior. This will appear in the HTML source code for the table of the elements and procedures of the individual. And there is absolutely no need to search for the code name of a class or ID.

9. Stripe your tables the OO way

Gas is the method “through each row in the table, and applies to such” old “and later added, onmouseover and onmouseout functions using a local variable with the name of the class, and background color will be replaced as a deduction.

10. TableSorter plug-in for jQuery

Its main features include multiple columns sorting, support and rowspan COLSPAN TH elements and many other features

11. MOOTOOLS javascript Table Row & Column highlighting

This shows an mootools javascript example that highlights the table row and column of the cell you are hovering over.

12. jQuery Table Filter

Demo Table 86 lines, 774 total cells. Rather than loading a separate building in the table on the page, you can press to control the process so you can better feel the speed.

13. CSS Table Gallery

This is an example of the 93 categories of styles.

14. Sortable/Resizable/Editable TableKit

TableKit is a collection of HTML table with a prototype frame extension. TableKit is currently implementing the turn row, column sorting, column resizing and cell editing using Ajax.

15. Zebra Tables

Alistapart provides an excellent example of using JavaScript and the DOM standard style background color of cells in the table.

16. Mootable

Because they are made from standard tables, they affect the very good.

17. GridView3 Example

Table 3 of the GridView based on ExtJS Ajax CSS.

18. Standardista Table Sorting

Standardiste classification table JavaScript module that allows you to sort the data by the HTML table each column. Module has several advantages such as fast and smart, etc.

19. Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

List of possible reorderd business by checking the DOM. All ratings on this page, maintain their orders via cookies (try to rearrange the list, and then displaying this page)

20. Make all your tables sortable

SortTable available under the X11 license, which basically means that you can do whatever he wants, including the use in the workplace. While the web design community gradually moves away from using tables to structure pages, working with a very important table, originally used, but still the data tables

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