Showcase of 30 Super Stylish CSS Footers

The footer, by definition, comes at the bottom of a web page, but it shouldn’t be bottom of your list of priorities when it comes to web design. Too many websites, even wonderfully designed ones, place little or no emphasis on the footer, leaving it an ugly, undervalued repository for copyright information, small print and little else.

Below, we take a look at 30 sites with super stylish footers that add real value to overall site design. Easy on the eye and highly original, all should serve as inspiration for your future web projects.

1. David Hellman

Fun and unique, the footer on this site, for German graphic designer, David Hellman features a bicycle, plug sockets and a mouse. It’s an amusing treat for anyone who scrolls down far enough.

2. Vimeo

Most of us will have visited the Vimeo site on many occasions, but how many of us have noticed what lurks beneath, in the footer? There’s a colorful landscape, complete with rolling, green hills, cows and kite flying – what more could you ask for?

3. Kulturbanause

This blog’s design is really different, helping it stand out from the rest. Rocky, geomorphic features, which begin at the top of the page, continue down into a steamy, watery reservoir found in the footer.

4. Carsonified Events

You’ve got to love the quirky, hand-illustrated footer on this superb site. It adds a real personal touch.

5. Missy

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this blog, but the Paul Smith-like, colorful stripes add flair to an otherwise ordinary footer design.

6. B Candullo

Brad Candullo is a designer and developer. He’s obviously paid attention to the footer on his page. Paper-like with touches of watercolors and “hand-circled” call to action buttons, it really stands out against the dark, wood effect background.

7. YoDiv

The footer at YoDiv is huge and full of useful information. It’s plain, which is a good thing as it improves usability, but stands out thanks to the hills and army of bizarre YoDiv mascots positioned just above.

8. Helmy Bern

On Helmy Bern’s site, the information in the footer sits on a background of weathered cardboard. This helps tie it in with the rest of the site, which features lots of cardboard too.

9. Voll

Voll’s website is really, really clever. Not only can you scroll down, revealing a bevy of friendly-looking sea creatures, you can scroll up to see spacemen on the Moon.

10. Web Designer Wall

The background on Web Designer Wall resembles a modern take on vintage wallpaper – in a good way! It continues down into the footer, which has been designed with an effective notepaper-like effect.

11. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine gets most things right and its footer is no different. It features caricatures of its editors, giving visitors a great sense of the Smashing brand identity.

12. Mr Diggles

Similarly to Smashing Magazine, Mr Diggles makes the blog writer (in this case himself) the subject of its footer. Not quite sure why he’s manipulating his face in such a manner, but it certainly stamps his own style onto the site.

13. Grzegorz Kozak

Follow the elongated lighthouse all the way down to the footer and you’ll find an old, British phone box, which acts as a link to the Contact page, and outdated technology buried in the earth.

14. Sawyer Hollenshead

A monotone skyline adds real panache to this otherwise plain, albeit well structured media designer’s blog.

15. Blabolnik

This Czech site features some great illustrations, not least in the footer, where you’ll see an old man surfing the web, rather than the waves, on a deserted beach.

16. Banjax

Why not use a Google Map of your location as the footer to your website? That’s exactly what Banjaz has done. It’s simultaneously cool and functional.

17. Sundance

The footer on the Sundance site is incredibly simple, but very effective. It might look rather basic, but I can assure you it takes a long time to make a footer so effortlessly slick.

18. Komodo Media

On the Komodo Media blog, you’ll see that a Twitter feed has been integrated into the footer – nothing particularly notable about that. Integrating, however, is rather more remarkable. Visitors can view and listen to the author’s favorite records at the touch of a button.

19. Crazy n Funny

Not just crazy… not just funny… but crazy n funny! – the footer on this site has been used to great effect. It comes complete with its own rudimentary TV-shaped mascot.

20. Dale Harris

Splashes of color and an overall minimal design make the footer on Dale Harris’s site more than worthy of a place in this list.

21. Red Nose Day

If you’re offering lots of information in a footer, it’s best not to over-design, as it can soon become confusing and difficult to navigate. The footer on the Red Nose Day 2009 site is a superb example of how just a few slight touches, in this case some red noses with eyes, can elevate an otherwise boring list of links into something a lot more engaging.

22. Jason Santa Maria

Everything about this site, from the header to the footer, looks amazing. I love the layout, the surplus of white space and the simple color scheme. Like the Red Nose Day site, there’s lots of information in the large footer, but images and colors make it attractive and clear.

23. I Primi Dieci

Cleverly designed, eye-catching icons add character to the footer on this Italian blog.

24. The Pixel

Blogs don’t come much better than this. From the rotating blades of the windmill at the top to the collapsed drunkard in the footer, the whole thing looks incredible.

25. Bits & Pixels

A colorful spectrum of light attracts visitor attention to the footer. Such a simple effect is easily achievable on any site.

26. The Free Lance

The Free Lance is another example of a site that maintains its design theme from top to bottom. In this case, the page is meant to look like a sheet of paper stapled onto a wooden board (or is it a tree?) The footer is stapled in just the same way.

27. DivVoted

The footer at DivVoted, which has been shaped into a large, clickable island, can be minimized or maximized with a simple click of the mouse, changing the whole look and feel of the site.

28. Studio Racket

This site is eccentricity at its best. Its footer is every bit as well designed as its idiosyncratic navigation bar. There’s a tree, a suit, a bird and some arrows. Why? Who cares – it looks terrific!

29. Urban Pie

With a name as ridiculous as Urban Pie, you can’t get away with having an ordinary site. Thankfully, the British company has gone to town with sketchy drawings throughout and in the footer.

30. Manndible Cafe

The entire Manndible Café site is really well laid out and highly accessible. The footer contains the bare minimum amount of necessary information. It’s clean and very uncomplicated – great for the user. – Cool silver charms and leather bracelets design! Totally awesome sterling silver bracelets.

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  6. I would hardly call these CSS3 specific footers, more like clever
    usage of Adobe Illustrator, and the footer in general. I also would
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    after a half dozen relaods I cannot see the footers for 16, 17, 18,
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