Design Principles for Online Sales Success

With more commerce than ever moving online, it’s important to learn how to build a successful web store for your online business. It’s not enough to offer the convenience of shopping online, because too many other people do the same thing. You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd in order to gain customers. The type and quality of your products is one part of how you do this, but only one. The design of your website has a lot to do with gaining and keeping customers, before they never experience your products in person.

Environment Matters

Even though there are huge and obvious differences between online stores and brick-and-mortar stores, in some ways people evaluate them as though they are the same. One important thing to remember is that the whole experience of buying matters as much or more than the product itself. A brick-and-mortar store that goes to extra lengths to make the store an appealing, welcoming place to be will attract customers to stay longer, and come back more frequently than a store which has no visual appeal or welcoming presence. The same goes for a website. The look and feel of your site needs to appeal to your customer base in a strong way. It must be visually compelling and also easy to navigate and spend time in, just like a great brick-and-mortar store. If customers don’t want to spend time on your site, they won’t. If they don’t spend time on the site, they can’t buy from it.

Sweat the Details

A big part of getting the look and feel of your site right is in the small stuff. Details like the colors and images you choose for your site can have a surprisingly big impact on whether or not people find the site appealing. The type of product you are selling will also have a great deal to do with the design of your site. If you are selling aftermarket car parts, using jewelry website templates to showcase your products is not a good idea. Make sure that your template is well suited to the kind of products you sell, so that you can include the best information and images in the most compelling way.

Sites also need to work quickly and seamlessly. Imagine shopping in a brick-and-mortar store which is cluttered with shipping crates and dim from inadequate lighting. Navigating a clunky website can be just as bad an experience. Make sure your site navigation is clear and sensible. No matter where a person is browsing, it should be obvious to them how to get back to the main site, or how to move up in categories or across to a different set of products. If you are redesigning your website or building a site from scratch, getting these design principles right is a key to your sales success. If you consider building a website which has the appeal of a great brick-and-mortar store, and if you get the details right, your customers will love shopping with you and come back for more.

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