E-commerce Product Page Designing Tips to Improve Sales

The product page of an e-commerce website plays a vital role in influencing a shopper to make a purchase. It decides the traffic of an e-commerce site and helps in enhancing further sales. So the product page must contain all the essential elements that shoppers would search for and should be good enough to impress them. Here are some simple tips to design a product page that can drive sales.

  • Clear planning will help you get off to a great start. Do an analysis of what you want to achieve from your business and identify all that needs to be done to get there. Before you begin designing the product page, make a list of all the elements that you would like to have – products, their images, product details, a convenient search tool, tools for categorizing and filtering products based on the search, product reviews, a shopping cart etc.
  • The next important step is to showcase your products in the best way possible. Categorize the products according to the price, color, brand, offer, type, condition, availability, method of purchase, kind of buyer etc., to help shoppers easily find the product(s) they are searching for.
  • Make sure all your images are of high quality to grab and retain the interest of shoppers. Provide a full screen option to give them a clear view of the products, but make sure the images don’t take too long to load. Avoid the use of animated images. Before making a purchase decision, all e-shoppers believe in having a close look at products to experience the kind of satisfaction they feel when buying it at a physical store. Websites which do not offer a full screen option will fail to create an impact on shoppers even if they offer excellent products.
  • Attach a description to each image that includes the features of the product, the benefits it provides, warranty and price. Provide details regarding the quantity of stock available for the product. If a product is sold out completely, you need to either remove it from the product page or mark it as sold. When such products are removed, the page speed of your site will increase. Having a section where reviews can be included for each product will let shoppers know about the experiences/feedback of other shoppers and give them the confidence to go ahead with their purchase. Remember to include the shipping details, the mode(s) of payment and the time taken to deliver goods.
  • Display the price of your products clearly, below the product image. Provide shoppers with an option to compare the prices of similar products in the same category to help them in their selection.
  • Once your shoppers zero in on product(s), it is all about making them add the products to their shopping cart and proceed to the checkout to complete the transaction. The add to cart option has a vital role to play in this process. Ensure that you clearly display the add to cart option (and support it with the required text) below each product image.
  • Deals and discounts are quite likely to grab the attention of shoppers. Make bold and attractive mentions of deals/discounts in the top of the page or below the product images. Ensure that you update/rotate them frequently, to make productive transactions and to keep your site fresh.

One other important design element that must be considered is reducing the usage of Flash and splash files, to increase the page speed. As an extra measure of good customer service, include a list of products similar/related to each shopper’s search; this will be of great help when they are unable to find a particular product on your site or when they are looking to make additional purchases.

Keep in mind that your product page gives shoppers the first impression of your site and it is the factor that decides a purchase. So create a product page that offers your shoppers a hassle-free shopping experience and increases your credibility and revenue as well. If you would like to keep shoppers coming back to your e-store for more, you can take the help of professional ecommerce website designers who have the experience and expertise in creating ecommerce sites which provide great usability.

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