Free WP themes for Different Purpose

Everyone knows wordpress is popular as an engine for weblogs. A lot of web developers and web designers has been develop themes for wordpress, from free to paid. Many themes was created with a great variety of additional features.

Website needs are increasing and with diverse purpose, is not enough just to blog. Starting from the web that just  livetwit, under contruction, to count down the website will be online.

When all it takes quickly, become complicated when developing from scratch. This article has been collecting a variety of free wordpress themes that can be used to different purpose. If there is not yet on this page, please you add or provide information to us by leaving a comment. thank you

GTD – Private Blog Theme for Teams to Collaborate

This theme is intended for users who want a private blog or collaborate with a small team where can only view your team members. Sharing resources either files or other content. Maybe this is a theme you’ve been looking for.

Under Construction

If you’re doing maintenance or redesign your website and that takes time, this theme can help you. By presenting the status of Under Construction, your visitors will know what happens when visiting websitemu. It aims to not confuse your visitors

Contact Manager

This is a free contact manager theme built for WordPress. By using this theme makes it easy to track customer interactions, clients and contracts. The design looks simple but intuitive is suitable for your CRM activities


Mini Card is a social network / business  card WordPress Theme by Tim Van Damme inspire excellent site. You can add links to all social networking websites and useful information such as biographies and contact information. It also has native support hCard and (optionally) contains a vCard download to visitors of your contact.


This is a theme that can display various information resources from other websites by taking cans feeds.You can feeds of any kind – blog posts, flickr images, video or audio and displayed on a single website.


This is a free wordpress theme for those of you who want to start a news website quickly streamed live on several hot topics are in progress. K Or you can use this theme streamed only to do one of the popular twitter users


This theme allows you to perform a simple question and answer. So your visitors can send or post questions to a Guru. The Guru can answer the questions via a WordPress admin screen.


When you develop a new web service. Of course a domain name already exists in your hands, but do not know yet will be displayed with what content? If you are confused maybe this theme can be displayed while you finish your website service. So that visitors can know when your website services could be used or in the launching.

Visiting Card

The purpose of this theme is similar to the Mini Card. Equipped with Control Panel, make you easily manage all aspects of this theme.


This theme is also almost similar to ready2launch. you can set a countdown with the countdown manager

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  1. Awesome list of WP themes, I see some I may use in the future, thanks for making and sharing the list 🙂

  2. Thats a great post to prove that atm in our days this CMS like worpress are already prepared for many different formats.

    Shows the versatility of them. in this case WP

  3. Cool list. Will definitely need this for the future. Thanks

  4. @RIchie yup.. thank you . I hope with this themes, you can make something of services,

  5. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. I will be implementing at least 3 of them in the near future. Mini card & Visiting card are just brilliant.

  6. Im surprised to have found this website, gave you guys a bookmark, just awesome information I found here.

  7. Ough that’s cool wp themes collections… 🙂

  8. Thank you for your help!

  9. I just came from looking for a good site on Yahoo and came to this site. I have to say these templates are excellent. Thanks for mentioning them in your blog post. I will be sure to pass this link to others.

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  15. You are absolutely talented. These have been so helpful for me,you could come up more of these ideas,right?

  16. Amazing collection of themes, can I link to ur site on mine?

  17. Tanks for sharing these themes. They are really beautiful. I chosed
    one for my website and i really like it.

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  20. Really nice simple purpose wp themes. I would like using this Under Construction or ready to launch now. Nice and useful.

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