How High Speed Internet Influences Responsive Web Design Websites

Web design is very different from what it was even a few years ago. At that time, a company would simply contract a designer to create a website, and all the contractor had to worry about was that the site look attractive. Current website design must be Responsive Web Design (RWD), meaning it must have an easy to use interface, be accessible by a variety of users or employees (in the case of business websites) and business users; have mobile accessibility and much more. This responsive Web Design raises a series of issues such as how to manage the security for such websites and how to choose the right business high speed internet providers to offer better accessibility of such websites.

The Basics

A basic RWD website adapts the viewing environment to the situation the user needs, whether they need to access the website from a Smartphone, a tablet, laptop or the PC. However, just as there are simple RWD websites, so are there more complex ones with cloud computing options, financial applications, data analysis options and more. It is these websites that require the business services of high-speed Internet providers providers like Megapath.

Prior to the RWD method of designing a website, web developers found that creating different versions of a website was the best way to get it seen correctly by the different devices. But this required different coding methods, and the redesign of a page several times. This proved to be inefficient, and is no longer necessary with newer Internet speeds and RWD technology.

Why use Responsive Web Design

Technology is evolving, and new devices are continually coming onto the market; consumers want the newest and latest device to work well on the Internet, which requires special features like high-speed internet service service with managed security like that offered by Megapath.

Currently, the Internet is easier and faster to browse, but also requires more from the ISP; a fast connection, easy access and security. So we want web design to be just as efficient and easy to use. As a designer for any corporate environment you want to use RWD options that offer a clear and concise way of accessing the website from any device in any location in a fast, effective and secure way.

Maximum Connectivity is Just as Important

While RWD is the latest in web technology design and important to corporate networks and websites, allowing all employees, contractors and other users to access the corporate web portal from any device, it is also important that businesses offer maximum connectivity and security along with this flexible design.

Staying ahead of the competition requires being able to access the corporate network whenever necessary and business high-speed internet providers providers like Megapath offer this; allowing corporate users to access the corporate web applications from any device in any location (depending on the service package contracted).

VPN and Security Options

While Responsive Web Design offers some wonderful connectivity options for all types of devices, this type of connectivity can put a business network at risk, especially when the network is accessed from a public access point. The solution is to give remote workers a secure connection through VPN.

VPN encrypts the data that crosses any Internet connection so unauthorized persons cannot access it. This protects the business website and server from both internal and external threats. This, plus the added managed security by Megapath offers an extremely secure internet connection to the corporate website. MegaPath VPN services include:

– Site-to-Site VPN which specializes in fast and efficient business application access.

– Managed SSL VPN – an excellent option for businesses that manage high security financial information like customer credit card information.

– Remote IPsec VPN – The most common of the Megapath VPN services, offering a basic data encryption over the Internet.

– 24/7 network security monitoring of all business networks.

– Spam tracker – tracks and prevents spam email and popups from occurring.

– Remote access from any location – Offering access to the business network from any country or location.

The Most Complex RWD Business Websites Offer Cloud Based Collaboration

New website technology in the business environment requires the access of data through the Cloud-based database. MegaPath can help make this Cloud access more reliable, secure and faster by offering high speed business Internet access.

Why Integrate Cloud with RWD

Business workers need reliable data access, especially if they access the data remotely or from multiple office locations. While the RWD designer can accommodate cloud accessibility, unless the right connectivity is available with large bandwidth availability from the server side this cloud access be somewhat limited or slow to access.

Maximum Connectivity at an Affordable Business Price

MegaPath has several business Internet options, but businesses that use complex RWD need maximum connectivity at a reasonable price. Megapath offers bandwidths from 2 Mbps to 45 Mbps so you can choose the one the best fits your business network needs. Still, some businesses may prefer the Ethernet best broadband options as this offers fast upload and download speeds.

This Internet option offers loop technology just like T1 bonding and is just as reliable and as secure with SLA guarantees. However, Ethernet solutions offer 2×2 Mbps for a much lower price than T1, starting at approximately $199 instead of the T1 price of $299 per month.

Benefits to Using Fast Business Ethernet

– Easy to Install.

– Easy to control and manage.

– Practically 100% reliable

– Ability to combine voice and data.

– More bandwidth options without needing to go to a T1 option.

– Proactive security monitoring.

Bottom Line

MegaPath understands a business’s need to have fast data transfers, cloud computing options, electronic communication, web-based application and RWD across the different devices; These features allow employees to offer better productivity and efficiency. It also leads to improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, the use of RWD in business networks also increase the business risks in acquiring malware, viruses, spyware, worms and more, which can infiltrate the business network through the various devices employees use.

The solution lies in offering fast, reliable business Internet options with high-security monitoring and antivirus capabilities.

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