10 Great Resources and Techniques Javascript for Analog and Digital Clock

Today I have collected 10 Amazing Javascript Resources and Techniques for analog and digital clock. Very impressive, if a web application have features clock.

Besides resource that can be directly used in web applications, you can learn different ways and techniques to make analog or digital clock.

You can see how the power of javascript in creating a variety of ways to display a clock.
And what are you waiting for, enjoy and give your comments, resources and techniques  of the most favorite to you


HTML clocks using JavaScript and CSS rotation

This is a  pure HTML using JavaScript and CSS rotation. There are no Adobe Flash files or <canvas> going on, just regular <div> and <img> tags. The way it works is by taking those images in an { overflow: hidden } <div> and rotating them, via JavaScript, using the proposed CSS transform property.



How to Create a Animated Flip-Down Clock with Mootools

This is tutorial to create an animated flip down clock inspired by the 70’s. Using the Mootools framework, we are trying to replicate the flip action of the pads and make it as lifelike as possible. With it’s retro styling, it could be a really neat thing to add to your website.


Tick Tock – A CSS & JS Experiment

This clock was created using a combination of CSS and Javascript. The Javascript gets the user’s local time (you could use PHP, but that would be server time) and updates the CSS <div> tags with the appropriate hour and minute classes.



jDigiClock is a jQuery plugin inspired from HTC Hero Clock Widget. To use the jDigiClock plugin, simply include the jQuery library, the jDigiClock source file and jDigiClock core stylesheet file inside the <head> tag of your HTML document.


JavaScript Time Picker

The first ever Time Picker that utilize a very easy drag and drop interface. With it’s unique design, anyone can drag the minutes or hour hands independently to select a time.


Digital epiclock

Sliding Clock


CSS3 and Jquery clock


Analog Clock



Old School Clock with CSS3 and jQuery


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