Awesome Resources and Tutorials to Improve Your Javascript Knowledge

Many web developers and web designers are using  JavaScript in modern web apps or web designs. Sometimes this can be an obstacle for the user, and more heavily on the simplicity of construction, and other times add to the user experience. But sometimes we need JavaScript solutions that are a little more complicated or specific

This article serves as a useful collection of tutorials for working with AJAX in a variety of ways. You can find tutorials on working with forms, to create building shopping carts, chat features, working with logins and usernames and much more.

Hyphenation in Web

This is a project which aims to gather solution automatic hyphenation in web pages using soft hyphens. Hyphenator.js is a solution that brings client-side hyphenation of HTML-Documents on to Every browser by inserting soft hyphens using hyphenation patterns. Hyphenation with PHP is not very good usability / accessibility. Because of this the goal of this project is primarily doing hyphenation with AJAX – like JavaScript is unobtrusive and lightweight like pure HTML output.


SyntaxHighlighter can run in the browser and does not need to know the type of server that you have. SyntaxHighlighter also can run not only online but also on your local computer without a web server at all and the most interesting SyntaxHighlighter run on almost all modern web browsers.

Step by Step

By using Stepbystep Script, allows you to display and explain what your pages to their visitors. You may have encountered interactive demos created with screencasting and software screengrabbing explain to the user interface in a step-by-step. This is exactly what this script is not for the website.


jQuery.Hotkeys is a plugin that makes it easier to add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any combination of buttons. It takes one line of code to bind / unbind a hot key combination. You also can see Live Demo


SocialHistory.js enables you to detect which social bookmarking sites your visitors use. It cannot enable you to see all of the user’s history. It checks, in a 20-questions style, if the user has been to a particular URL: It’s hit or miss. SocialHistory.js has a big list of the most popular social bookmarking sites which it checks against. According to their official site, if you want to see if your readers have been visiting one of my blog writing, you would do the following:

moreSites =
"Aza": ["", ""]
user = SocialHistory( moreSites );
alert( user.doesVisit("Aza") );

After reading various sources and techniques about JavaScript I hope you have understood the concept and how it was in the JavaScript environment. And then I also have collected some tutorials about JavaScript.

MooTools ScrollSidebar

With ScrollSidebar you can connect to one element at a position on the screen and the menu to promote the current scroll position.  View Demo

JavaScript Tabifier

Automatically creates a tabbed interface with JavaScript HTML plug-and-play. It does not require the creation of a list of links or anchors for the tabs, you can use CSS to customize the look of the lashes.  View Demo

Calendar – A JavaScript Class For Mootools

Calendar is a JavaScript class, affordable and unobtrusive date-pickers inserts your form elements. Features highly configurable inputs and selects, the support of several civilians, the options and the date format variables in multiple languages and imagination. View Demo

Amazon Books Widget With jQuery And XML

It makes sense to forgo database tables and server-side code when you need to store a limited amount of non-sensitive data. Accessing this data can be a snap with jQuery because the library was built to traverse XML documents with ease. With some custom JavaScript and jQuery magic you can create some interesting widgets. A good way to demonstrate this functionality is by building a browsable books widget. View Demo

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