8 Very Useful JQuery forms

If I’ve written before about JQuery tables so this time I will share info about JQuery  forms.Jjquery can help you lots with form validation, I hope with this information you can more new knowledge about how to make form validation using jquery

1. Password Strength – Estimates brute force time (jQuery plugin)

Password Strength

Brute force, in case of attack your site, this method can crack the devil. This plugin shows the strength of passwords to tell you how long it takes to brute force.

2. Masked Input Plugin

Masked Input Plugin

This mask input plugin for Jquery library JavaScript. Allows the user to more easily enter fixed width input where you want to enter data in a certain format (dates, phone numbers, etc.). This was in Internet Explorer 6 / 7, Firefox 1.5 / 2 / 3, Safari, Opera and Chrome. The mask is determined by the mixed model of the mask and the literal definition of the mask. Each character that is not included in the list of definitions below as a literal mask. Mask literals will be automatically registered for the user, because the nature and can not be removed by the user.

3. Ajax Fancy Captcha

Ajax Fancy Captcha

Fancy Ajax Captcha is a JQuery plugin that will help your web pages spammers and robots. We will provide a new and intuitive form, fill in the “human check” problem. To do this you will be asked to drag the item into the circle. Captcha security level only, on average, with an emphasis on beautiful and convenient features, and they do not provide adequate protection from unwanted “guests”. Design and main components easily modify and personalize, take a look at the file structure for further information.

4. jQuery plugin: Validation


To verify that this is a reliable, flexible plug Jquery form, you will never have to check. It is an unobtrusive user experience, user violates as possible with unnecessary messages. To answer through the web site for more than just an event, serves as KeyUp and Blur, without complex configuration.

5. Pixelmatrix Design – Announcing Uniform

Announcing Uniform

Any agreement between the user interface design with a form of control is not enough. Often, checkboxes, selects and radio buttons do not appear to be consistent in all browsers. Uniforms, plugin for JQuery, you can style, radio and check boxes you always.

6. jQuery Nice Form

Nice Form

Nice Jquery looking to create custom form elements, as usual. It’s simple, but it can seem complicated and individual as you want.

7. JavaScript image combobox v1.5

JavaScript image combobox

Are you tired of Pull-old? Try again, the menu selection screen. You can use the symbol for each option. Working with the current “element, click.

8.Opensource – AJAX – Jqtransform – jQuery form plugin

Opensource – AJAX – Jqtransform

This plugin JQuery plugin that you style form elements on the skin with their own parameters for each browser you can use.

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