14 Really Useful jQuery Plugin for Create Web Apps

This collection of jquery plugin might come in handy next time you’re building web apps. Keeping up with the new jQuery plugin releases and developments sometimes feels like a full-time job! Every other day something new and better crops up that catches the eye and you think yourself “Wow, that looks good, I could use that!“.

For this post I have collected 14 of the best jQuery plugins, that will be great when you create web apps. Every time I do a post like this the plugins seem to get better and better and push development boundaries further and further away. I hope you’ll find these plugins useful.

Embedded help system – jQuery plugin


Embedded Help System is  jQuery plugin providing help where help is needed concept that can be easily integrated into web interface. The point is to offer help to user in their working interface and actual situation.

jRating – jQuery Plugin

jquery-pluginjRating is a complete jQuery plugin for star rating systems with complete Ajax treatment.

jRating is very easy and simple to use, thanks to its many options and methods. For exemple, you can set the number of stars, the maximal rate, etc

jNotify- jQuery Plugin


jNotify is jQuery plugin can display information boxes in just one line of code. Three kind of boxes are allowed : information, success and failure. The whole box is entirely skinnable with css. For example, you could use it for a mail being successfully sent or a validation error of a form.

Signature Pad – jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

A jQuery plugin for assisting in the creation of an HTML5 canvas based signature pad. Records the drawn signature in JSON for later regeneration.

Snippet jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

Snippet is a jQuery syntax highlighting plugin built on top of the SHJS script found on SourceForge. Snippet provides a quick and easy way of highlighting source code passages in HTML documents.

CLEditor – jQuery plugin

jquery plugin

CLEditor is an open source jQuery plugin which provides a lightweight, full featured, cross browser, extensible, WYSIWYG HTML editor that can be easily added into any web site.

jQuery webcam plugin

jquery plugin

This plugin provides three different modes to access a webcam through a small API directly with JavaScript – or more precisely jQuery. Thus, it is possible to bring the image on a Canvas (callback mode), to store the image on the server (save mode) and to stream the live image of the Flash element on a Canvas (stream mode). If you just want to download the plugin

Sheepit – jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

SheepIt is a jQuery plugin that allows you to clone form elements dynamically. It is very useful to develop advanced forms that require the same type of load data multiple times. It possible for user to define a flexible number of addresses, phones, e-mails, etc. SheepIt allows cloning form fields dynamically where end-users can easily decide to insert a new field.

jDownload – jQuery Plugin

jquery pluginjDownload is a jQuery plugin that provide more details to the end users about the file to be downloaded. User can choose to get the file or cancel the request which is specially a good experience for knowing the size of the file before downloading it.

jQuery color plugin xcolor

jquery plugin

This plugin implements an extensiv color parser and a featureful set of color-manipulation methods. There is also an animate() extension to smooth CSS colors. Another useful method isReadable() completes the whole, by allowing you to check if a text is readable on a certain background. The color value can also be passed in different color models: RGB, HSV/HSB, HSL and their adequate alpha extensions.

Quovolver – jQuery Plugin

jquery plugin

Quovolver is a simple extension for jQuery that takes a group of quotes and displays them on your page in an elegant way.

jQuery Ajaxy

jquery plugin

jQuery Ajaxy allows you to easily upgrade your web site into a full featured Ajax web application. It aims at solving complicated AJAX Paradigms by providing you with a easy managed solution to bind into page state (URL Hash) changes, AJAX form submits, and support AJAX links.


jquery plugin

Catch404 jQuery Plugin displays a friendly pop up message saying that it’s not available without your users even having to leave the current page. You can easily customized message and include other options like link to Home Page, Search Page, etc.


jquery plugin

Smartupdater is jQuery  plugin  that allow to performs periodical updating functionality and can be used in all sorts of applications which need “polling” mechanisms.

So So Social Plug-In

jquery plugin

The So So Social plug-in uses jQuery and YQL (Yahoo Query Language) to gather RSS feeds from your various social networks and sorts them into an “activity feed”. This jquery plugin  basically creates a news feed out of your social networking activity.

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