10 Best jQuery plugins SEO Friendly

jQuery and SEO ralely if ever meet, simply because on the whole Javascript is nit indexed by the major search engines in any meaningful way and so for most SEOs what it does it outside of our scope. jQuery is a JavaScript library that has seen a massive growth in usage other the last couple of years as it allows developers to code functionality into their web pages to turn their static HTML into a much more dynamic UI. In this review, I want to tell you about 10 Best jQuery plugins SEO Friendly.

SEO Friendly URL

This plugin will makes your title or url’s SEO friendly. This jQuery plugin method takes id and divider arguments. The id of container where returned value will be placed. And divider is optional, the character used for separation of words into the URL. SEO Friendly URL suitable for use as hyperlinks in CMS and blog.


Wingooli Photo Gallery

Wingooli has three features, they are Search engine friendly, web designer friendly, and extensible. The look of gallery is customizable by modifying simple HTML and CSS. It is a fast and simple addition to a website, specially if you want to make a photo gallery SEO friendly.


JCrumb Instant Breadcrumbs

If you want some breadcrumbs for some pages but want to do it all client side,  jCrumb is plugin which suitable for you. jCrumb saves the link and title of the most recent page and adds it to a session cookie, creating a dynamic bread crumb navigation bar on the page. It uses jQuery, and can also use jQuery UI for styling, or custom styles created by the user.


JQuery Plugin Stringtoslug

The plugin converts any string to slug in all languages.  It removes special character, converts the string to lowercase and defines a space character. It is the only plugin that removes the stress of wordsm exchanging letters marked by unaccented letters. It transforming a string into a url-friendly permalink. You can also define which character space use.


EzJax- AJAX/AHAH Dynamic Content Loader

EzJax has five features that can be used to customize. Container option allows you to specify the container where the dynamic content will be loaded. Initial page which is loaded into the container when the page is loaded. Effect to occur during content transition. Fade or slide. Easing, if you include the jQuery easing plugin, the slider effect can use this plugin to ease the transition animation. Bind, any links loaded in the content area dynamically will function as standard links. By default, any links loaded dynamically that have the same class as plugin responds to will automatically blind to the event as well.


JBreadcrumb – An Auto Collapsing Breadcrumb

This plugin will make breadcrumb collapsible. It was developed to deal with deeply nested, verbosely named pages. Rather than limit the amount of elements shown on the server side, we decided to go with a client site solution for usability and SEO reasons. It also turned out nice to look at fun to play with.

jquery plugin

GATracker – Google Analytics Integration for jQuery

This plugin is intended to simplify the process of adding Google Analytics tracking to a page, including the tracking of outbound links, mailtos, and downloads, which are not otherwise tracked by default. The analytics site provides a few recommendations for tracking certain user activity that a single call to urchin Tracker doesn’t catch on its own.


jQuery Flash Plugin

It is a plugin for embedding Flash movies. If SEO don’t like Javascript they hate Flash but using Flash substitution techniques we can still provide some SEO benefits. While perhaps not a full replacement for SWF Object this plugin is it jQuery equivalent. It features are Simple but powerful, Flash Detection Express Install and more, Accessible and Unobtrusive, and Native and light-weight.



Flot produces graphical plots arbitrary datasets on the fly client side.  Graphing made easy for those who don’t want to go down the Flash route or Google nice Chart API Flot is a good alternative, I would like to see more in the way of a mechanism to use the page to hold the data rather then relying purely on external sources.

jquery plugin


It will help you to display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser. Have simple support for remotely loaded content (AJAX) and multiple modal support. It has lightweight yet powerful and flexible character.


That is Best jQuery plugins SEO Friendly.

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  1. I can see jQuery as a great technology for SAS applications or doing widgety things on a website–similar to how I would use Flash–but should it be used to develop a websites primary navigation?

    Or do you run into the same issues as with all javascript based navigation systems?

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