How to prepare your iPad for a long journey

You’ve found your perfect tablet while browsing through iPads at Littlewoods, and now it’s time to test it out on its first long journey. Now comes the tricky part – what to download to make the hours pass in a flash? When you can choose between what seems like all the books, films and games in the world, it can be overwhelming. To help you get started, here is our pick of the bunch.

Amazing apps

For those who can’t choose between their social networks, MyPad is a must. This brilliantly simple app incorporates Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and is currently free for a limited period. For practical purposes on a long trip, there is nothing better than TripIt, the organiser app that takes your travel information and turns it into a detailed daily itinerary. The latest version even employs Google Maps to generate directions so you’ll never get lost again.

Best books

Nothing makes a journey pass like a good book, so if you haven’t downloaded iBooks already get it now. Straightforward stories are all very well but to really make the most of your iPad treat yourself to an interactive book. Try Mindconnex series ‘Shakespeare in Bits’ for an animated and very accessible rendering of Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth, or marvel at Man in Space, a fascinating digital exploration of mankind’s adventures in the stars.

Grand games

The game everyone has been talking about in the last month or so is Grand Theft Auto. Although the newest version isn’t yet available for iPad, find out what all the fuss is about with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It takes a good long time to complete and will last you all journey if you let it, so it’s good value. If you’re not into guns and violence, try Limbo for a more stylish adventure filled with puzzles and quirky, creepy graphics.

Fab films

If nothing else catches your eye, fall back on a film. It’s easy to buy and download your favourites, but if you’re a viewer who’s always craving something new there are several apps waiting to help. Netflix has a host of films and TV programmes in every genre and is adding more all the time. For television junkies, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD can all be downloaded for free. A slightly more specialist app that deserves a mention is Movie Vault, which will claim hours of attention from classic film fans. Download for £1.99 and watch over 1,000 classic films.

And finally…

Don’t forget to install Find my iPhone before you set out. If you do misplace your iPad, this will ensure that you can track its whereabouts and get it back, making sure all that time downloading apps doesn’t go to waste.

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