20 Tips SEO for Web Designers

Today’s web designers are not monotonous and stoic about their work. They are more creative and add a lot of imagination and feelings while designing a website. This automatically shifts the Optimization responsibilities on the designers. But the bad point is, not many designers understand the concept of search engine optimization. Hence they do not design websites according to this concept which is a very necessary aspect in the prosperity of a webpage.

The design should be prettier than the code

It is very important that while designing a web page, the designs should be much more attractive than the codes. But before that, for the search engine to select the page, a designer has to make use of semantic codes. If a designer is using descriptive tags to model the page, then the search engines will be able to search faster.

Keywords shouldn’t be abusive

Here the term abusive means the keywords that define the content shouldn’t be overused or used in the wrong place. If it’s overused then it will become keyword stuffing and if used in the wrong places, the meaning of the content might change. So keywords should be used in main headings, URL’s, title tags etc.

Flash shouldn’t be used for navigation

Search engines find it very difficult to search files if there are flash effects used. The page might appear very attractive by using Flash effects but then the search engine optimization becomes very low. The search engines cannot navigate the page to the preferred link.

Unique page titles should be used

Different titles should be used for different topics and pages. Uniqueness is always appreciated and good ones attract people. More so if the titles are repetitive, the search engine is bound to think that the content is similar.

Images should be included

Images should be used to give the viewers better description. But it must be kept in mind that the search engines cannot understand what a picture can look like. Therefore it might cause traffic while image searches. Hence the alt attribute of images should be described is a proper way.

Generic links shouldn’t be used

Search engines work cleverly and therefore can recognize links very fast while searching a content. So when a designer is using a link, he or she must use some words for the link that describes the content. This will make the work easier for search engines.

Texts shouldn’t be replaced by images

One must always keep in mind that search engines can never identify what is there in the image. Hence to avoid ugly headlines if a person uses an image to replace it, the search engine will not be able to find it. No matter how attractive it looks headlines and writings are important to search engines.

Ajax must be used sparingly

Ajax is good for a user experience but one must not overdo it in a webpage.

Quick indexes

For the website to get indexed properly, one must get it joined to a well known website as a niche.

Incoming links should be built

One must generous with the usage of links and the content must be high quality for it to appear early on the search engines.

Consistent URL’s should be there

One must decide very early if he or she wants to use a URL for the webpage link. It shouldn’t be duplicate.

Dynamic content

The content should be simple and its better if splitted into parts. Primary keywords must be highlighted.

Usage of text

It is the text that helps the search engines to search. So there must be a lot of space for texts.

Count of characters

The number of characters used for the title shouldn’t cross 65. This could be an over spill.

Meta Descriptions

These are mini ad copies that describe the content of the page. So these must be used. It must be different for different pages.

Javascript to be kept away

Java scripts shouldn’t be used if page navigations are there. It becomes difficult for search engines to travel through the link.

Friendly layout

It must be an SEO friendly one so that it does not give any problem to the search engines while they are conducting the search. It must be smooth.

Easy access

Search engines love easy access, hence the content has to be such that the search engines find it easily. One can make use of the horizontal directory structure for this.

No improvements

Before designing a page, one must always have a good idea about the content and must see the competition of the content. There should be no room for better

No blocks

While designing the page, one has to see that no part of the information is blocked or creates a hindrance. This makes it difficult for search engines to search.

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