Top 7 Mobile Apps For Editing Color Palettes

Colors play a major role in designing and forms an essential part for designers, painters and artists. Color palettes consist of a plate that has multiple colors in it and allows you to paint with a set of colors. With the help of palettes, you can create a color palette anywhere at any point of time.

These color palettes use various tools with key features such as : extracting colors from the camera, to check the color visualizations whether it is a 2D or 3D and the color relationships which is available in different shapes like circles, stripes etc. For varying the color brightness and balance there are many adjustments such as sliders, joysticks or knobs that can be used for varying the color brightness or balance. We have many apps which can be helpful for editing the color palette on your cell phones. Some of them are listed below:

Adobe lava

This is an application particularly used for mixing colors and creating themes which can be transferred and used in photoshop. It allows you to move your finger in the center of the screen, letting you decide the final color of the picture with the last touch of your finger. With this application you can share a list of colors through email. This type of application can only use finger-paint mode for editing. The disadvantage of this application is that it has no sliders. Available at low price i.e. 3$ it can be found in android market.

Adobe Kuler

Yet another great application is Adobe Kuler which creates color palettes from images. This application has been designed with its own community forum where you can browse or share thousands of palettes. An eye dropper can be used to extract colors from images. Provided with a small slider, it can edit colors. It is available at a price of 10$ in the market.

Color Rotate

This application has the quality of bringing the color palette in 3D. With the use of this application, it can create new color palettes easily. With this application, the pictures taken by the camera can be extracted with the colors and can be shared on Facebook, twitter and various other social networking sites. The use of an eyedropper helps in extracting the color from the camera. Price of this app is 5 $ in the market.


This application considers the relationship between your creation and the available colors. The anchor color once changed, changes the whole color palette. It can be used to re-work the whole thing. It consists of sliders that can be used to adjust colors. The market price of this app is just 2$.

Color Viewfinder

This is one of the simple and real-time application that points towards an image of your iPhone camera and converts it into a 5 color palette. The disadvantage of this type of app is that sometimes an important color gets missed. This app is priced at 1$ in the market and it also consists of a free version.

Palettes Pro

This application comes with loads of features but is a bit confusing. An eye dropper can be used to get colors from an image. It can be used to edit RGB, CMYK, grey scale and other versions. These can be shared through email and other networking sites.

Real Color

With the help of this app, colors from images can be extracted in 5 to 30 seconds. It can be shared through e-mail , Facebook and other social networking sites. It comes with nice 2D maps. The price of this app comes around 2 $.
Thus, there are a variety of choices among apps for editing colors on the mobile phones. These apps are available at a very low cost in the market.

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